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"My boyfriend and I both grew up with family dogs, and we decided we wanted a companion of our own. We thought, what better breed to look into than a Border Collie? From the beginning JoEllyn was so helpful, knowledgeable, caring and genuine. We knew that she was the PERFECT breeder to go to. We got our first Border Collie, Louie (Kuiper/Piper), from JoEllyn’s first litter in 2017. He is a very smart, energetic, playful and loyal companion, and we could not be happier to have him in our lives. As he grew up with us, JoEllyn was always there for questions if we had them, and we loved including her in Louie’s development from puppy to adulthood. You can tell that she truly cares about her customers and knowing that all of her litters are going to a good home. Fast forward a year and half and we decided that one Border Collie wasn’t enough so we reached out to JoEllyn to get Louie a sister. We have had Moxie (Kuiper/Annie) for a few months now and she is PERFECT! Louie and Moxie get along great and are both very well-mannered dogs. We are excited to start their journey together and get them involved in agility and other competitive sports. My boyfriend and I are looking forward to visiting JoEllyn and bringing Louie and Moxie back to play. JoEllyn will be a lifelong friend and we cannot thank her enough for our precious babies."

Lacey & Jeff (Louie & Moxie)


We started looking for a breeder here in Florida but weren’t satisfied with what we were seeing. We just had an idea in our head of what we wanted our dog to look like. After 3 months of looking we stumbled on Crooked Creek Border Collies on Facebook and a picture of these amazing looking puppies all gathered around a western saddle themed setting! They were PERFECT! After contacting the breeder and starting up an on going communication with her we found out she had an upcoming litter and were anxiously awaiting the birth. The day finally came and through pictures picked our puppy. He was a beautiful black and white with a smidgen of white on his ear and JoEllyn commented that he was “kissed by an angel” on his ear! We said “how funny because we wanted to name him Castiel after one of our favorite characters on the show Supernatural who happened to be, angel!”  It was fate! Our little angel finally reached 8 weeks old and it was time to fly up to Chicago and pick him up! JoEllyn went out of her way and drove 3 hrs with mom and dad and little Castiel in tow so that we could meet Castiel’s parents! She took us to dinner and we signed our paperwork that gave us full ownership of the cutest little fuzzball we had ever seen! We had been watching him grow through pictures and videos and were so in love with him already! 

  Fast forward he is now 6 months old, and he is the light of our lives! He is way more special than I ever dreamed and 100% the Border Collie we had always wanted! We will be purchasing another pup from JoEllyn and Crooked Creek Border Collies later when Cas is fully grown and can show a new puppy the ropes! We can’t wait!!

So happy we found our forever breeder and more thankful than we can say to JoEllyn for her amazing breeding program to showcase the very best of this breed!

Shelley & Ryan and Castiel “Cas”Kinnear

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